Welcome to 5 Minions Lane!



We are a family of 6. As a term of endearment, I call my children Minions. (Meant in the most sincerest way possible!)

Each of them has their own personality and a day in our life can be Eventful… to say the least!

Here is where you’ll find lots of love, laughter and craziness.


We have:

  • Fat’s Universe which includes excerpts from his Writing Pieces and personalized Points of View from “Mr. Know it All himself.”


  • Math’s Planet filled with radical Mathematical problems like counting money, telling time and adding up his chore earnings. You’ll also find moments captured of him playing ROBLOX and Singing.


  • Nya’s World which consists of everything Pink and Sparkly, Crazy Cool Dance Moves and her “Top Secret Slime Factory.”


  • Zachy’s Lanwhere you’ll see loads of Disney Infinity characters, daily Words of Wisdom and awesome Reading Sessions.


  • Joshy’s Corner where you’ll see spur of the moment Outfits of the Day and his “Darndest” sayings.


I am a proud momma and I love putting their passions on display. I hope you all enjoy!