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Just Like You… I Am Every Woman had the pleasure of interviewing yet another new and upcoming blogger. She is an awesome writer and a fellow Bookworm. She is a wonderful and inspiring young lady to whom I am honored to have join my Village! And guess what? We almost have the same last name:

  • hers: Sobers
  • mines: Suber

That is so cool!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” –Michael Jordan

Introducing: Shakira Sobers

Hi! My name is Shakira Sobers and I was born and raised on the little island of Barbados. I went to the St.Lucy’s Primary School where I did athletics and netball (I was horrible at netball by the way) but I was a good athlete. I was victrix lodurm at my school sports. I also loved reading and writing above all. I was never good at math (Still horrible at it). But I always loved anything to do with English language or literiture.My teachers would always tell my parents how good I was,they especially loved my stories.I then graduated in 2012 and entered the Alleyne School.To be honest I didn’t do any activities there except choir and girls guide.I really wanted to study on my work instead.(Oh did I mention I sucked at math there too..ugh..).But English and Principles of Business were my favourite classes.I also started to write my song and poetry collection.I graduated from Alleyne this year and I am now searching for Colleges/Universities to study at. That is when I came across blogging. I started blogging in July 2017 and the rest is history.

justlikeyouiaew: What is the name of your brand, business, product or blog?
Shakira: The name of my blog is lifebyshakira.

justlikeyouiaew: What is the purpose, benefit or mission?
Shakira: Lifebyshakira is a blog centered on Emotion and Upliftment. I want to everyone to live their life to the fullest no matter who are where they are.I want them to express their self without caring what anyone thinks.(express themselves in a good way of course😂)

We all believe in something.

justlikeyouiaew: What inspired you to start or create your brand, business, product or blog?
Shakira: People. Especially artists whether they are tattoo,music or painters. All three of these express their selves in different ways,in ways that make them and other people happy.

justlikeyouiaew: Where are you from and where will you provide these services, resources, products or information?
Shakira: I am from Barbados. In the future I would like to provide help and support to everyone who wants to express themselves to the world and let them know no matter what no one can take your pasion away from you.

justlikeyouiaew: How will you make an impact on your community?
Shakira: I want the world to accept that we are all different, we are all unique in our own ways.I want the community to ACCEPT who people are and how they express themselves. That is why my slogan is “The Way I live It” because we all live our lives differently.

On our own, we are marshmallows and dried spaghetti, but together we can become something bigger.” –C.B. Cook

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