Rebuilding Our Communities with OUR LOVING ARMS!

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Just Like YouI Am Every Woman started out as a blog where I wanted to share my “Story.” But honestly writing down my true testaments and my inner struggles revealed my secret desire. Social Service. Community Service. Rebuilding our Communities based off of fundamentals.


God Bless the Child who has its own… For it takes a Village to Raise A Child.

What happens to the child who has no village? Do they pave their own way in society learning and experiencing using Trial and Error? What about the child who births a child?

Just Like You… I Am Every Woman is dedicated to encourage, inspire, educate and motivate Minority Women without a village and support system. We intend to offer them a community where they will find solace, resources and gain what they are lacking.

Just Like You… I Am Every Woman is more than just a BLOG. It’s a CAUSE!

We strive to create a community (Our Loving Arms) where women from any culture and of any dynamic can become a “Villager” in our Village. Here you can laugh, love, share, live, grow, learn, teach, vent, encourage or…. just Be!


I’m going through a phase in life where I am trying to figure out what God put me on this earth to DO and whom he wants me to BE. I’ve always known I wanted to be an Entrepreneur and own multiple businesses. I’ve also known I wanted to have a LARGE family. I dream of Sunday Dinners, Family Gatherings and just giving and receiving LOVE! As most may know by now, I became a mom at a very young age. LOVE has always been the in my life.

I have been writing down my strengths, passions and talents It’s been unclear as to what I should be doing. Until most recently.

As a single parent, I’m responsible for juggling many tasks all at once. Let me paint a picture here. There was a point in my life where I would have to wake up so early in the morning to do laundry before my brother had to leave for work just to have someone home with the kids. Most times I was the first person at the laundromat so I could wash their school uniforms. I worked every day, most days from 9AM to 6PM later turning into 11 AM to 8 PM and working 3 Saturdays per month. Using my 1-hour lunch break to pick up my children from school (3 different schools by the way) and then rush back to work and pray that my boss understood if I was late. (which she did) But I would always worry and still do to this very day, that this would be viewed as a liability towards me being a professional. Perhaps a Risky Candidate. As much as I pray for understanding, I wouldn’t ever want to take advantage of it nor would I at the same time want to viewed as being “Less Than Capable.”

Some days I would wake up early so I could drop the kids at school at the earliest I could. In an attempt to spare extra minutes for minor grocery shopping before heading to work. If I didn’t have time to go home and unload the groceries I would put the perishable items in my job’s refrigerator. My health is poor. I survive off of vitamins and coffee which isn’t healthy but it works. Maintaining a household, paying bills, cooking and cleaning are just some of my responsibilities. I also have a career that I need in Order to provide for all of these things in my lifestyle. But it takes time from my life and spending time with the kids. A car that needs to be cleaned, needs maintenance and gas. And everything thing else you can think of or can’t even imagine. All by myself. One person can’t possibly do all of that by themselves. I’m doing my best. I’m giving it my all. Even that isn’t enough, I’m still lacking.

There was a time when I had Jury Duty. Once I reached the check-in desk the first thing I asked was “Do you think I’ll be done by 2PM?” The gentleman said, “Maam I can’t quite say.” I pleaded so hard to somehow get my appearance postponed. I eventually stated that I’d rather bear whatever consequences leaving will result to versus not showing up on time to pick up my children. By the special grace of God, I was granted a hardship.

You can imagine what happened. I had to shorten my hours to part-time to get my life together. And I did just that. It felt great to spend more time with the kids. I did it long enough as my Savings Afforded. What was once a relief turned into Stress.

I’m not a complainer nor do I give or accept excuses. Life and to Live is a Choice. I take life for what it is and handle my problems internally. But life would be easier to bear if I had help. Listen: Up until two weeks ago I was working 2 jobs. Leaving one job to head straight to the next. I literally worked from 8:45AM to 9/10PM most nights.

We moved in February from East Orange to Orange, NJ. School started in September in a new school district and my routine has been IMPOSSIBLE. No Lunch Breaks to pick up the kids anymore so what’s the other option? I asked my Estranged Family Members for help, I even offered to pay. That didn’t get me anywhere and I don’t have any ill feelings about it, anymore. It is what it is. Everyone has their own lives to live and you may never know what someone is going through. I attempted to hire some help but it never worked out in the way I wanted it to.

Resigning from my second Job needed to happen. Just thinking of the Financial stress that would cause me delayed me from making that decision. Work is what came to mind when I became a Mother-Less Daughter at the age of 17 in 2007. Work is what came to mind when I became a Single Parent; due to the loss of the love of my life and father of my children to a hit and run car accident in 2013. It’s my identity and my means for providing for my family. Work is how my family is able to live and sustain a good life. Work gives me Independence.

I finally did it. Right after, I fell ill with the Flu. Once I finally took the time to go to the ER the doctor told me I had it for two weeks already. I took off from work only 2 days during the three weeks I was ill. Why? Because I’m crazy. NO, Seriously. I’d rather work while being sick than to be home and mentally stressed because I can’t provide a good quality of life for my children. Am I financially capable of supporting my family with income from one job? NO! But raising my children is more important and working two jobs is unrealistic without HELP!

The HELP I’m mentioning isn’t always Monetary or Financially. We all need a shoulder to cry on, we all need someone to encourage us to say “Now wipe those tears and let’s get up!” We all need Motivation. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual or Financial support. We ALL NEED HELP!


If you know me, I’m the friend you can call and I’ll be right there. Dropping everything without a blink of an eye. I’m the one you can call to borrow money from, let you borrow my car to go grocery shopping, use my computer, help you fix your resume, give you a listening ear and encouraging words or even babysit. This is my Calling! Helping Others. Self Sacrifice. Being of Service.


It hurts my heart how the World is so Selfish these days. I know it’s repetitive, sounds cliche and maybe even annoying but seriously: God Bless the Child who has its own… For it takes a Village to Raise A Child. Our Communities are broken and becoming Non-Existant. Most of us are raising children in a one parent household. There aren’t as many resources available that support and encourage single parent families.

I work in a Dentist Office in Montclair, NJ as a Patient Care Coordinator. This city is so diversified that I am exposed to different ways of life. Families from all different cultures. Grandparents bringing their grandchildren to their dental appointments. Aunts and Uncles caring for their family members. What I experience first hand is UNITY.

If you walk into a Bodega “Corner Store” you’ll often see families involved in the business. The Owner working with his supplier to unload his inventory, the son or daughter or even the wife at the register, the uncle in the Deli Section making sandwiches, the brother assisting customers purchasing Lottery Tickets. UNITY. I have a neighbor who just purchased a house next to me. I see grandma helping to raise the baby. They all unload the groceries together; Mom, Dad, Brother, SIster, Grandma, Grandpa. I see FAMILY and Hope.


*****As I am proofreading my writing up to this point, I want to erase everything and start over. But you know what? You all need to read this. See this. Hear this. Something has come over me after receiving a Pop-Up Well Visit from my Uncle. And as I am now having a telephone conversation with a close Friend about Laws of Attractions and Levels of Energy.

Everything I’m feeling is selfvictimization. Me, Me, Me. I, I, I. We are all humans. Blood runs through our veins and we all function the same. The differences are what makes us Individuals but essentially we are the same. I am no better than the next person and my struggles and difficulties in life are not more important than the next persons’. Ours are customized based on our individual Life Purpose.*****

I finally accept God’s Calling For Me and I am going to Walk in his Will.


I want to be the Woman to others that I wish I had in my life. A Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Aunt, Cousin, Neighbor, Keeper, Niece, Helper.


  • Who Am I? Just Like You… I Am Every Woman! I am a single mother. Up until a few weeks ago, I was working 2 jobs. Leaving one job to head straight to the next.
  • What am I offering? I plan to “Help Thy Neighbor because it truly does take a “Village To Raise A Child!”
  • How will I do this? By asking a simple question “How Can I Be of Service To You?” And with Strength From God to carry out this Mere Act of Kindness.

These aren’t ordinary services I am providing. I want us all to work together by lending a hand. I’m speaking of Love. Support. Nurturing. Affordability. Unity. Uplifting and promoting Sustainability within our communities.

Have you used your lunch break to pick up your children from school? How often do you think, “I just need someone to sit with the children while I run an errand.” Have you ever fell ill and had no one to bring you soup? No one to tend to the kids or the house while you rest? I know your struggle all too well.

How can I be of service to you? Call me and I’ll be right there!



I would love to hear your feedback!