My Babies!

I am a proud momma of 5 beautiful and wonderful children. My explanation of Motherhood and procreation is that God took 10 character traits that together equal a whole (Me) and formed my wonderful children.


Zahnya (12) is my oldest and the only girl. We call her “Nya.” I call her my “Mother Hen.” She is such a Princess in all ways. She loves everything pink and sparkly. The character traits she inherited from me are her Planning Nature and her Bossiness. She is so nurturing and loving. She has joined the Slime Craze and has a new found obsession.


Jaamir (11) is the second oldest. We call him “Fatboy.” **NOT IN A DEROGATORY MANNER EITHER!** He is my first son and I have had my fair share of challenges of raising a boy. He is an introvert and has a love for Reading. He has started to write books but he starts/stops so many times that I can’t keep count of how many. The character traits he inherited from me are his Stubbornness and Writing/Grammar skills. He also has an interest in comics and he’s a “Gamer.”

Matthew (6) is the middle child. We call him Matt. He is a lot like Nya and she seems annoyed by it. He loves Pokemon Cards and Roblox. The traits he inherited from me are his Sensitivity and his Mathematical skills. He also loves music and singing.

Zachary (4) is the second youngest. We call him Zach. He is such a ray of sunshine. He enjoys Soccer and he loves Disney Infinity. The traits he inherited from me are his Wisdom and his Inquisitiveness. He has a new found joy of Reading and he’s amazingly good at it!



Joshua (3) is the youngest. We call him Josh. He is my little nerd. I always say “GOD blessed him with a big head because his brain is so big!” He is amazingly smart. He is my miracle baby. God blessed me with him to give me HOPE during a time of grief and despair. He loves adventures. The traits he inherited from me are his Problem Solving Skills, his Intelligence and his Independence.

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