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Just Like You... I Am Every Woman!

Today I Am A Blogger

As I sit here staring at the white background of my blog page, which consists of only my Title and Tagline; I can’t quite come up with ideas nor can I put my thoughts together for my first post. I guess I can start with why I created my brand and this new found blog.

I know it may sound cliche (probably because I keep repeating the phrase) but Just Like YouI Am Every Woman. I am an African American. I am a Mom. I am a Woman. I am a Blogger. I am a Professional. I am a working Mom. I am a Sister. I am a Friend. I am a Writer. I am a Perfectionist. I am a Child of God. I am a DIY fanatic who spends endless hours on Pinterest researching projects (they have great smoothie diet recipes too!) Check out some of my DIY projects.

I am a Tom Boy who has played basketball with the neighborhood boys in a Jersey Dress and Sandals during a block party (in the middle of the street) at my Aunt’s house in Brooklyn. They were a cute pair of Gold Sandals with white and gold flowers around the toe thong but I broke the strap while dribbling and attempting to score. There’s more to the story. I have it on my To Do List….. which consists of a new shower curtain rod,


As I was in the middle of what I call proofreading and my version of a “Soft Launch” of my website which consists of me popping popcorn for the kids and reading my blog post aloud to see what they may think. Welcome to the life of a Single Mom with estranged family and friends that are more like acquaintances.


My son Jaamir (he’s 11 and he’s my biggest critic as I am his)

Jaamir’s 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony


pointed out that I actually purchased a shower curtain rod on Thursday so I’ll cross that off of my list and replace it. Lol.

As I was saying, a new shower curtain rod, door knobs, my daily grocery list, ever growing tasks around the house, car maintenance, waaaayyyyyy past due detailing of my car and much more I don’t care to mention…. to keep a pair of Keds in my trunk for those moments! But if you ask my lovely daughter she would say “nuh uhh…. you are not a Tom Boy! Tom boys wear sneakers and slides with socks. You wear dresses, skirts, and heels. You only wear pants and shirts when it’s your Lazy Day.” Okay, well that topic is up for discussion. Although I have evolved from




from a shy Muslim girl who once shied away from wearing dresses, skirts, and heels because I’m 5’4 with size 11 feet, I’ll still roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty any day.

Someone blessed me years ago with one of the most valuable pieces of wisdom I will never forget.  I can’t quite remember who, but when I do I remember, this will be a legacy quote my children and their children will live by. God Willing. They said “In life, you meet many different people for many different reasons. Each person that comes into your life has something to give you. It is up to you (us) to make sure you retrieve whatever it is that was meant for you before the person leaves.”

I mentioned that quote because it resonates to be true. TO ME AT LEAST. The other day I visited my Aunt and we were just catching each other up on happening and Life events in each of our lives. She mentioned she learned in college about Visual Imagery. Although this isn’t quite the best example of what she stated to me, (I did receive her logic and the points she delivered clearly) let me paint a picture of myself for you.

I am two folded. I am a Perfectionist and it can be a gift or a curse. I am also realllyyyyy indecisive. I will literally analyze and sometimes over analyze almost everything due to my logic and planning nature. At the same time, I am not one of the people who stand on the sidelines and see a storm and try to figure out ways to either run for safety or come up with a logical solution to “tackling the storm.” I am the type to jump into the storm and figuring it out as I am in it. Over the past few years, I realized that I perform better in those instances.

Wait, I think that would make me three folded? Let’s go with Complex… yeah that sounds about right.


Overall I just wanted to create a place and space where Women can go be transparent, open and honest about parenting, being a Woman, being a professional and a range of other topics. More like a “Village.” Each day I am a different Woman and that Woman has, can and will undergo different experiences that she (I) want to share with the world.

Well, I took the leap and here I am. My blog isn’t 100% complete. I am still indecisive about my template. I will need to go back and re-edit to provide links to my stories mentioned above. But I feel great and proud that I started. This is only the beginning of my journey to create a village.

I look forward to sharing more with you all and I encourage you to share As well!

Just Like YouI Am Every Woman!


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