He spit on his hand and said “I promise!” He’s so clever.

Joshua is so clever and such a character……

All I hear is Matthew saying “ewww, you spit on your hand!” While climbing the stairs. Here comes Josh walking into my bedroom.


Josh: because I have to

Me: you should be in bed because it’s bedtime

Josh: time is running out?

Me: yes, it ran out. So you are going to bed right?

Josh: puts his hand on his forehead and says uh!..okay.

Me: Do you promise?

Josh: yes..sss

Me: let’s shake on it

Josh: Hog spits on his hand and shook my hand and said “I promise!”


Before heading  to bed (He came back).

He wanted to record a video for “Joshy’s Corner.” Smh. After getting him to settle for just a picture, he finally went to bed.

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He’s been practicing writing his name and he wanted to show me his “project.”



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