I started Just Like YouI Am Every Woman because each day I am a different woman. I want to be transparent and invite the world to join me as I share my day. My experiences make me relatable Just Like YouI Am Every Woman


God Bless the Child who has its own… For it takes a Village to Raise A Child.

What happens to the child who has no village? Do they pave their own way in society learning and experiencing using Trial and Error? What about the child who births a child?

Just Like YouI Am Every Woman is dedicated to encourage, inspire, educate and motivate Minority Women without a village and support system. We intend to offer them a community where they will find solace, resources and gain what they are lacking.

Just Like YouI Am Every Woman is more than just a BLOG. It’s a CAUSE!

We strive to create a community where women from any culture and of any dynamic can become a “Villager” in our Village. Here you can laugh, love, share, live, grow, learn, teach, vent, encourage or…. just Be! So for those of you who can relate welcome Sister! And for those of you who are here to just watch Welcome and stay tuned.

Here at Just Like YouI Am Every Woman we pledge to:

Love Thy Neighbor

and be:

Our Sister’s Keeper


Hi! I am Asia but you can call me Miss Lady. I am the Founder of Just Like You… I Am Every Woman. I am a new African-American blogger born and raised in New Jersey. I am a Mom of 5 wonderful children ages 12, 11, 6, 4 and 3. In another life, I would have been an Activist, Philosopher, Lawyer, and Entrepreneur. I have gained a love for traveling and our family takes road trips randomly.

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